Personal Training

Our personal trainers have an educational background in sports sciences, work experience and the necessary empathy to help you achieve your personal best. During an initial anamnesis we learn where your weaknesses and strengths lie. After an in-depth analysis, you and your personal trainer will decide together which areas will primarily be worked on to ensure that you reach your goals effectively and safely.

Strength Training

Effects of strength training
› Everyday fitness: Due to increased muscle mass and coordination, we can move through life safer and happier.
› Fat burning: Muscles are like furnaces. They constantly burn throughout the day even when at rest – making us slim and sexy.
› Anti-aging: With strength training we stimulate hormone production and prevent muscle loss – keeping us agile and strong in all situations.
› Attractiveness: A flat stomach, a firm behind and a broad manly chest are the results of regular strength training and observance of the most important nutritional principals.

Marathon and triathlon preparation

Former competitive athlete Maxwell Curle K4 is the expert for the endurance zone. At his side you prepare yourself professionally for your first marathon or triathlon competition. Reach a new fitness level with his targeted training plans.

Flexibility Training and Coordination

Effects of flexibility training and coordination
› Jump out of bed in the morning and feel less stiff.
› Lift a water case easily without injuring your back.
› Tie your shows with ease.
› Feel secure on your own feet.

Good mobility and coordination have a performance enhancing effect on strength and endurance – a huge advantage especially for older generations since the risk of falling is significantly reduced and confidence is boosted.


The various physical exercises (Asanas) and breathing exercises (Pranayama) aim to connect your body with your mind, soul and breathing. Yoga exercises are proven to improve strength, endurance and coordination. The exercises further have an extremely relaxing effect which sets in immediately after each session.

Pilates and therapeutic yoga

Yoga expert Martina Sturm has already helped the football stars of Eintracht Frankfurt to gain more agility and fitness. Through targeted Pilates and yoga exercises, you can improve your flexibility and strength, too.

Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

In EMS training electrical impulses activate our muscles from the outside (with electricity). As a result, in addition to the large muscle groups, the more difficult to reach underlying muscle layers are stimulated. An additional plus: The training lasts a maximum of 20 minutes – a great advantage for those who do not want to spend too much time working out.

Functional Training

Functional training involves complex movements that incorporates multiple joints and muscle groups simultaneously. With functional exercises we willingly put ourselves in an unstable position from which we must regain stability with the help of specific movements. The goal is to transfer this knowledge to other sports and everyday life.

DeCOMPRESSit, Back Fitness and Slant Board

Do you regularly suffer from back pains like 70% of the German population? This annoying disease of modern society, which so often hinders us in everyday life and work, is one of the most common reasons for the inability to work in our country. The DeCompressit method is based on a short-term relief and relaxation of the back with the help of gravity. In the long-term this leads to an improved supply of the spine and intervertebral disk with nutrients and fluids.

The slant board relieves tension and shortening in leg and hip muscles, improves long-term posture and releases energy blockages throughout the body. Relieve your back pain from the first training on with the prospect of being completely pain free after a few weeks and subsequently avoiding regular medication or imminent surgery.


The massage offer in the K4 includes classical massage, sports massage, ayurvedic massage and reiki. The two experienced therapists Abi and Yenny are looking forward to seeing you.



Learn the basic techniques of relaxation and meditation in company of a very experienced meditation teacher. A conscious proper breathing and selected energy exercises will make you both more powerful as well as relaxed to go through life.

Nutritional Advice and Metabolic Turbo

Food should give you strength and not make you tired and ill. Our dieticians will lead you to a healthier life, optimize your muscle-fat mass ratio and get your metabolism back on track.

Our strategies that bring you to your goal:
› Activation of the metabolic turbo
› Healing through intermittent fasting
› Nutritional methods tailored to your needs

Coaching for your business trips

At home in everyday life, a fit, healthy lifestyle often seems to work well. But on business trips it looks very different. In the K4 we offer a special coaching for your business trips with former Lufthansa chief stewardess Anne Hoffmann. Boost your

› Quality of life
› Mental and physical fitness
› Energy for your business appointments
› Health
› Rapid recovery after business travel

Fit and healthy on business trips - despite Jetlag & Co.


To make sure you get enough water, we have decided to use filtered, specially purified water from the German manufacturer Revos.

Tea and Coffee
Our lounge is the perfect spot to mentally prepare for your workout or relax after an exhausting training. Best enjoyed with a hot cup of coffee or tea.

Smoothies and Snacks
After your training, refresh with one of our healthy snacks and thereby support one of our charities.

Permanent Locker
Simply leave your gym bag at the studio to stop by spontaneously in the future.

Large and small towels are available for your workout and the shower afterwards.

Free parking is available for our members in the underground car park.